The County 2017 | Aroostook County Tourism - Page 25

CAMPING THE COUNTY IS A CAMPER’S PARADISE. Immerse yourself in peace, setting up camp in a hushed grove or by the pristine waters of a brook or pond. Or enjoy the amenities of an established campground. With more than 40 campgrounds of various kinds throughout the region, you’ll find the exact camping experience that suits you, from rustic camping at campgrounds of the North Maine Woods, to sporting lodges, housekeeping camps, outfitters, and guiding services that provide overnight accommodations. For paddling campers, there are plenty of campsites along the edge of the wild and scenic Allagash and St. John rivers, offering tent pads, fire rings, and basic amenities. Be aware that backcountry tenting requires planning and appropriate gear. State lands with great camping include Deboullie Public Reserved Land, Eagle Lake Public Reserved Land, Round Pond Public Reserved Land, and Aroostook State Park. Reservations are recommended for Aroostook State Park. Each has something special to offer in the way of location, facilities, and activities. Sporting camps are another option, offering both cabins and tenting. You can travel hours from civilization and miles from the nearest paved road. In remote areas, access is often by logging road or float plane, where you might get a glimpse of old-growth forest, logging activity, or wildlife. We’ve heard that lynx love to sun on the road. Amenities vary: Some camps have individual cabins, meals in a main lodge, and Wi-fi service; others are too far from a cell service signal. Whatever the amenities, you’ll be immersed in the great outdoors that makes Aroostook County an amazing experience. This is the place to relax and leave behind the everyday concerns of work and home. Wake up each morning and enjoy songbirds overhead and perhaps a moose grazing on a nearby shore. After breakfast, launch into your day’s adventure (or do nothing at all). Return for an evening cookout, a wood campfire, and doze off to the sound of loons calling. You can even camp with your horse, thanks to miles of multi-use trails and field roads. Rocking S Ranch in Fort Fairfield provides campsites, hookups, and stalls. For more information about camping in the region visit our website,, or call Judy at 888-216-2463. 23