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THE COUNTY | 2017 ALL THE EXPERIENCE, NONE OF THE GUESSWORK Maine Guides are recognized worldwide as the gold standard in outdoor skills and knowledge. The first Maine Guide was Cornelia “Fly Rod” Crosby, who was so skilled at fly fishing that she purportedly once landed 200 trout in a single day. The first Maine Guide license was issued in 1897; today there are roughly 3,000 guides, certified by the State of Maine, and by the American Red Cross in first aid. They can assist in any field, forest, water, or ice activity, ensuring you know where to go and have the right equipment. Acting as environmental stewards as well as educators, they share insights about the ecosystem while teaching skills like fishing. Whether you want to find rare plants, explore remote destinations, enjoy a hunting trip, sleep at a primitive campsite, learn a new skill, fish, dog sled, canoe, or ski—Maine Guides turn your dream into reality. Guides save time and money, leading you to wonderful spots and pointing out elusive wildlife and antique relics. Many Aroostook County outfitters are also Maine Guides, or can easily hook you up to a Maine Guide. Outfitters provide equipment, advice, and the resources you need to set up on your own, or you can take part in individualized or group tours customized to your liking. They’re perfect for novices—you don’t need to know how to paddle in order to enjoy a day on the water. Outfitters make sure customers are able to enjoy the region’s spectacular scenery, and they’re well-informed to provide a learning experience about natural resources, community, and economy along the way. Maine Guides and outfitters are well-tuned to the needs of families with children and can provide any type of trip your child enjoys, from visiting a beaver lodge to a fast-water adventure to building the evening’s campfire and roasting marshmallows. CHOOSING A GUIDE OR OUTFITTER – Before hiring, ask about fees and what’s included; cancellation and refund policy; references. Get it all in writing. – Take the time you need to get to know potential guides and determine if it is a good fit before you choose one. – Be realistic and have reasonable goals for your experience. Remember, things like weather are not in a guide’s control. For more information, or to find a guide or outfitter, visit our website,, or, or call Judy at 888-216-2463. 20 Hire one of our many Registered Maine Guides or recreational outfitters to help plan and execute the perfect adventure vacation.