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SNOWMOBILING & ATVING IMAGINE WAKING UP TO A FOOT OF SNOW, hopping onto a snowmobile parked at your door, and taking off for a day of fun along endless miles of neatly groomed trails. SNOWMOBILE INTO WINTER SPLENDOR The County is ranked a Top Five Best Snowmobile destination by SnowGoer Magazine, with county trails ranked No. 3 by American Snowmobiler Magazine in its top-10 readership poll. We have 2,300 miles of big-woods loops and twisters, lake crossings, high bridges, rail-trail ripping, and wide-open field crossings. Blaze along former railroad beds, abandoned logging roads, and club trails that lead to rolling hills, quiet meadows, and snow-clad forests. As Maine’s northernmost county, snowfall is a top resource, averaging nearly 10 feet annually. Our long season usually starts in December and runs into April. Well-organized snowmobile clubs in most communities maintain an extensive network of trails and hold frequent poker runs, ride-ins, and clubhouse suppers. The Northeast Snowmobile Trail, the international Interconnecting Trail System leading to Canadian trails, and countless local trails provide snowmobilers with long loop rides, picturesque jaunts, and trips through the entire County. In the evenings head into town for gas, food, lodging, service, parts, and a bit of enjoyable downtime. RIDE THE TRAILS ON AN ATV During the warmer months, enjoy the extensive network of trails that invite ATVing. Aroostook County has more than 1,200 miles of ATV trails that traverse everything from the deep woods to locally-maintained accesses. Our communities embrace the ATV culture, with lodge-to-lodge tours available for riders and more than 28 clubs and countless businesses ready to welcome you. Trails run through broad expanses of scenic terrain. You’ll be delighted to spot moose and other wildlife along the way. Then head back to town for lodging, great meals, and a stop at the pub to tell your tales! PLAN AHEAD Do some research to locate snowmobile and ATV rentals, gear, experienced guides, and tours here in The County. Some ATV trails require passes, which are available at many businesses and police departments. Local snowmobile clubs ca n also lend a hand in planning your trip. And visit our website for current snowmobile trail reports in season. For more information about riding in the region visit or, or call Judy at 888-216-2463. 19