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THE COUNTY | 2017 FINALLY PERFECTING YOUR FLY CAST. Pheasants flushed from sleep, shattering the golden silence of the dawn. Age-old secrets passed from generation to generation. FISHING IN THE COUNTY Aroostook County offers countless ponds and lakes and miles of free-flowing water that contain a variety of trophy species, including wild or native brook trout, smallmouth bass, and salmon. Warm-water anglers will find smallmouth bass plentiful in East Grand Lake, Mattawamkeag Lake, Pleasant Pond and several other lakes in southern and central Aroostook. Further north, cold-water anglers will find some pristine salmon and trout fishing. The St. John River and tributaries offer the only wild muskie fishery in the Eastern U.S. Deboullie Pond is great for rare land-locked Artic char. A top spot for landlocked salmon is Long Lake. Part of the Fish River Chain of Lakes—an area larger than the state of Connecticut—it’s famous for traditional coldwater species. The Fish River Lakes region is also an ideal ice-fishing destination. Snow and ice come early and stay late, and numerous snowmobile trails afford excellent opportunities to access the lakes for fishing trips. HUNTING IN THE COUNTY Hunters head to Aroostook for massive moose, ten-point bucks, elusive black bear, an abundance of waterfowl, and wild turkey. The hunt is a deeply ingrained cultural experience going back generations, thanks to the abundant wildlife found among millions of acres of forest and thousands of acres of agricultural land. The biggest prize is the moose, weighing as much as 1,000 pounds and often sporting racks exceeding 60 inches. Hunted in deep woods and on the border between forest and farm, hunters have had recent success rates exceeding 90 percent, attesting to the animal’s strong presence in Aroostook. Moose are hunted each fall in a split season; licenses are awarded by lottery each spring. YOU’LL NEED A LICENSE FOR THAT. Whether fishing or hunting in Maine you must possess the proper license. It is important to be informed on our laws, guidelines, and the varying seasons. Blaze orange clothing is required when hunting during the firearms hunting season on deer, the muzzle-loading season on deer, or within an open moose hunting district during moose hunting season. Visit for Maine hunting information or for up-to-date season information and to purchase a license. 14