The County 2017 | Aroostook County Tourism - Page 15

PADDLING ENVISION PADDLING A PRISTINE RIVER in the deep woods, lazing along as the sunlight glints off the water, emerald green trees towering along the shores, a bright blue sky above. Slip past as a moose, unbothered by your presence, emerges from the woods, beavers busily building their dam-like homes, otters darting back and forth as red-tail hawks soar overhead. This scene is all yours along the waterways of Maine’s Great North Woods. The County is home to unparalleled waters, from small ponds to larger lakes to broad rivers, running hundreds of miles and famous for their unspoiled nature. Whether you prefer canoe, kayak, stand-up paddling, or flat-bottomed fishing boat, the opportunities to get on the water are boundless. In northern Aroostook, the upper St. John River flows 130 miles without ever passing a settlement. Immersed in Maine’s deep woods, it’s known as the longest wild river in the East. In the west, discover the Allagash Wilderness Waterway—interconnected lakes, ponds, streams, and river stretching more than 90 miles north to join the St. John. Paddle through the heart of northern Maine’s vast forests, with a view of Mt. Katahdin from many points. Those with a keen eye will notice the slate ledges, containing fossils millions of years old. Central to The County is the Aroostook River, flowing through majestic forests and past picturesque farmlands, multiple islands scattered through its channels. It’s part of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail—the longest inland water trail in the northeast—from upstate New York into southern Quebec. Lesser-known rivers include the Mattawamkeag in Southern Aroostook and the Big Black in Northwestern Aroostook. The Meduxnekeag is home to a popular whitewater race, with categories for everyone. Enjoy day paddles or a multi-day journey, taking advantage of campsites and sporting camps along the way. Bring your own craft, rent from our outfitters, or use the free craft provided by many sporting camps. Above all, relax and enjoy the fresh air, peace and quiet, wildlife viewing, fishing, photography, hiking, and swimming along the way. For more information about activities on the water in the region