The County 2017 | Aroostook County Tourism - Page 11

SCENIC DRIVES ENJOY VIEWS OF ROLLING COUNTRYSIDE , wide-open spaces under a vast sky, and welcoming communities steeped in Acadian history and culture. The Million Dollar View Scenic Byway is a 7.9-mile stretch of US Route 1 offering views of the Chiputneticook chain of lakes, hayfields, Mt. Katahdin, and the landscape of New Brunswick. Pull into the turnouts and let the vast panorama sweep over you. Lucky drivers will soon spot wildlife like bears, deer, eagles, loons, and moose. The St. John Valley Cultural Byway, a 92-mile stretch along Maine’s northern border, travels through communities rich with Maine’s Acadian heritage and culture, within sight of Canada’s countryside and communities across the river. Stop at historic sites along the way to learn about the region’s settlement. The Voici (Vwa-see) the Valley Cultureway offers a similarly situated excursion along the St. John River where the U.S. and Canada meet. The cultureway celebrates communities of French heritage on both sides of the river. Experience a hundred miles of natural beauty and the Valley way of life. Self-guided tours along a figure-eight loop take you across the international border, so be prepared by bringing along your passport. The 38-mile Fish River Scenic Byway is a “working byway” unique in its rugged beauty. View wildflower meadows, lakes, peaks, forests, eagles, and moose along the way. The 59-mile Katahdin Woods & Waters Scenic Byway features excellent views of rivers, rolling pastures, Mt. Katahdin and Mt. Chase, bountiful forests, and picturesque villages. Relive the experiences of The Great North Woods’ sojourners, from the Wabanaki to early trappers, lumbermen, and today’s recreationists. At night, you’ll view stars in one of the darkest sky locations in North America. MOTORCYCLING Aroostook County’s scenic vistas and uncrowded roads make an ideal way to tour the region. Of special interest to those touring by bike is th Rv&BvpfW"6&W'2&Fv6VBgFW"FRFvFRfW"6&W'0FW"Fv6&W&W6VG2FR'FV7FW&BbFRFW"v66VFW066G&6Ɩf&&Rv6wFBWvW7Bf&F7FvRF6&R7F&W2bFR&BvFVFF&FW'2B6RW"PFRf6F"&vFFRFW6G2bFW'2vfR6R&Vf&RFF07V66RV&&RBFv6fW$6&W'2&rf"&Rf&F&WB66V2G&fW2FR&Vvf6BW"vV'6FP"6VGB#b#Cc2f6D&7F6Хf6D&7F6У