The Coshocton County Beacon November 8, 2017

FREE! FREE! POSITIVELY COSHOCTON COUNTY! The Beacon Coshocton County’s locally-owned newspaper Nov. 8-14 2017 Volume 10 Number 28 w w w.coshoc Group makes quilts for hurricane victims THANKS FOR READING By Beth Scott The Beacon w w w.coshoc Veterans Day activities See pages 16-17 Josie Sellers | Beacon Coshocton Regional Medical Center employees Roxanne Pott er and Mary Ellen Given are pictured making pancakes for the hungry lunch crowd that gathered for the Kiwanis Pancake Day on Nov. 2 at the Elks. For more photos, visit Pancake day full of helpful volunteers By Josie Sellers COSHOCTON – Coshocton High School Key Club members were bustling around the Elks on Nov. 2 working on numerous tasks at the Kiwanis Pancake Day. ce Sin 96 19 Juniors Paris White and Josie Hill said they did a lot of washing tables, handing out drinks, fi lling syrup bottles and talking to people, who often praised the pancakes. When they fi nally had a chance to sit down and eat, they agreed the pancakes are pretty good. SEE PANCAKE ON PAGE 13 Quality, compassionate care... Our Services Include: • Skilled Nursing • Home Th erapy • Home Care Aide • Homemaker • Home IV Th erapy • Personal Care COSHOCTON – Ten women with a pas- sion for quilting meet each Monday morning at the home of Linda Brad- ford in Plainfi eld to create quilted masterpieces for family and friends. Although these women come from diff erent working backgrounds and have diff erent interests, one common thread brings them together each Monday morning: Quilting. Th e Monday Quilters meet in a cabin located on Bradford’s property each Monday and has met for about fi ve years. Among all the members, they have created about 300 quilts together, each with their own person- al style and taste. Each quilt is unique and has the creator’s personality infused in the quilt. Th e age range for the Monday Quil- ters is from 50 to 85 and beyond. “We’ve been co-workers and friends for many years,” said Bradford. “All of us have known each other forever.” Th e group takes turns bringing homemade lunches to each quilt meeting, and one of the co-founders, Shirley Davis, is making jackets for each group member with a sewing machine embroidered on the pocket. Th e Monday Quilters also meet for at home. SEE GROUP ON PAGE 13 • Non-medical Care • Companionship • Palliative Care Int rim When it matters most, count on us. 420 Downtowner Plaza, Coshocton • 740-623-2949 • H e a l t h C a r e ®