The Coshocton County Beacon February 20, 2019

FREE! FREE! • Feb. 20-26, 2019 • Vol. 11 • No. 43 • TheBeacon Positively Coshocton County for 10 Years THANKS Sophomore visitation day held at Coshocton County Career Center FOR READING TheBeacon Positively Coshocton County for 10 Years By Josie Sellers 2019 Bridal Expo 2019 Coshocton County Bridal Expo See page 15 Coshocton County’s locally-owned newspaper Josie Sellers | Beacon Caleb Maddux, a senior at the Coshocton County Career Center, helped Sydney Stew- art from River View High School climb a tree during sophomore visitation day on Feb. 14. Sophomores from throughout the county were invited to visit the school and experi- ence activities hosted by students in their top three programs of choice. Choose the Best for Your Real Better Estate Needs COSHOCTON – Jacqueline Monroy wants to have her own salon someday and hopes the Coshocton County Career Center can help her accomplish that goal. “I really want to go here next year,” said Monroy, who attended sophomore visitation day on Feb. 14 at the school. “I’ve heard lots of good things about the career center and how I can experience diff erent things hands-on.” Monroy is a 10th grader at the Coshocton Christian School. She and other sophomores from the county schools were invited to ex- perience three programs off ered at the career center. “Cosmetology is my main interest but I also chose natural resources and early childhood development,” Monroy said. Sophomores interested in the natural resources program were given the opportu- nity to climb a tree outside the career center. Current students in the program demonstrat- ed the process for them and guided them on their climb. Monroy passed on the opportunity, but Sydney Stewart from River View High School, climbed up the tree and enjoyed the view. “Th at was so cool,” Stewart said. “It was breathtaking.” She wasn’t sure which program at the school interested her the most. SEE VISITATION ON PAGE 13 Good For the Service You Deserve. Dedication to Sellers & Buyers Best Find 0007_022019 Marc Lacy 740.502.3074 Kelly Shrimplin 740.502.6692 YES Paul Bratton Auctioneer 740.327.6331 Jessica Williams 740.502.6095 Robert Bennett 740.502.0487 Kyle Myers 740.502.2383 Debbie John Thomas BeLinda Christy Darlene Myers 740.502.4342 Lacy Dickerson Guess 740.502.1589 740.294.8869 740.507.0664 740.502.2920 740-622-3669 • 218 Cambridge Rd., Coshocton •