The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 708

Acknowledgments Interviewees - I am especially excited about this issue of my blogAzine™, The Contour of Luxury© because I can see the profound growth between my first issue to this one. I am un- ceasingly grateful for the publications rapid growth in popularity. With unwavering gratitude, I thank each of you, the amazing people and exquisite brands, for your interest in my vision as I blaze down this never before traveled path. As the interest to be being featured in the publica- tion increases, there has too been as increase of it’s page volume. That is the beauty of digital publishing. It takes us back to when magazines were thick and everyone could not wait to revel in the pages. Jaimie Hilfiger – An unexpected email turned into something truly special, as the correspon- dence pertained to you. I am thrilled to have you grace my 4th issue’s cover. The cover is beautiful. I wish you continued success with your business ventures, and with balancing your busy work/home life schedules. You’re an inspiration for women entrepreneurs. To all of the interviewee’s brand representatives, coordinators and personal assistants, thank you for working with me and my team to set up the interviews, and seamlessly handle the back and forth correspondence making sure all went well in the process. Please know that you are very much appreciated. Thank you much…You are the glue. To my team - I must say that each team that has worked with me on previous issues of The Contour of Luxury© to date has been highly skilled and talented in various areas, dedicated to the project and wonderful to work with. However, each of you who worked tirelessly with me on this this issue from research and marketing to graphic design and everything in between, please know that you have impressed me in so many ways with not only your skillset, but with your admirable work ethic. Your extraordinary dedication has been beyond what I would dare to ask for from a team. Everyday that I worked with you on projects was a treat for me. You certainly have brought the ‘Wow Factor’ that you know I always strive to deliver to my readers. Please know that I see, and notice at all times, and I could not appreciate you more. Much Love!