The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 7

Coming Soon... I am excited to announce the coming of my next blogAzine™ Young Black Card Society (YBCS). YBCS is the offspring and new segment of The Contour of Luxury©, which was awarded Best Luxury Digital Publication Los Angeles this year. YBCS will feature the enterprising, influential, and well-heeled millennials of today who are making their mark in various ventures and setting the bar…high. I will also feature signature luxury brands, unique goods and services steeped in exclusive distinction, and high-quality rooting from international markets. Like its predecessor, The Contour of Luxury©, Young Black Card Society© too is positioned as a first of its kind, interactive, digital publication that intoxicatingly disrupts the traditional blog format with its sleek luxury magazine design. Stay tuned... A lexis