The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 619

O wners with different needs and new requirements appear on the market every day. And to reach out to a new niche characterised by a personal concept of life on board, Benetti has launched an innovative and appealing project, the Oasis. The name itself sends a loud and clear message about the intentions of this yacht, which has been designed as a place to relax, a dream come true, an island of regeneration, and somewhere to enjoy rest and well-being. The concept that underpins this project is the desire to create a very maritime setting, something akin to a big floating loft with seamless continuation between outdoor and indoor spaces. O asis 40M, a 40m displacement yacht with a glass fiber hull and superstructure, is for young, sporty families with a healthy, modern lifestyle. This means the onboard spaces are roomy and welcoming, the design is as refined as it is informal, and contact with the sea plays a foreground role. The symbiosis with the surrounding environment is demonstrated by the high ceilings, the unusual layout of the onboard spaces (like the spectacular beach area with an infinity pool just a meter above water level) and the extensive use of natural lighting, which is transformed into an integral part of the decor by huge, seamless glazed surfaces. All the settings feature big windows that offer a panoramic view at any time of day.