The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 594

T he upper deck is home to the most unexpected room on board: a Parisian Ladurée-inspired tearoom. This unique space is a feminine tribute to this elegant pastime, with traditional tones of pastel greens, pinks and purples. Louis XVI-inspired sofas and armchairs link to the trims on the curtains via scatter cushions, all in the colours traditional to the famous French patisserie. An exterior space forward comprises two pilot chairs and a further casual seating and dining nook. A world away from this bright utopia is the cozy art deco cinema, located amidships on the lower deck. It can be accessed either by the main staircase, or, more dramatically, via a glass corridor from the guest cabins that bisects the double height engine room. This sound proofed space allows guests a usually impossible but very exciting view into the heart of the yacht.