The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 583

A midships on the main deck is a stunning formal entrance lobby. The elegant sweeping marble staircase with ornately carved brushed steel and 23.8 carat gold handrail creates an impressive first sight for guests and sets the tone for the rest of this palatial yacht. Suspended above the lobby are the hanging balconies of the upper decks, allowing for the visually stunning impact of a quadruple height ceiling. A lift shell inspired by Le Bristol in Paris with its own ornate sofa inside completes this space. Moving aft, the lobby opens into the formal office and dining room, via the amusing infinity-style mirrored wine storage. The salon breathes fresh life into a classic setting. Cascading down into the room with grand impact are two ornate staircases. Warm creams, dark oak Palais de Versailles-style parquet and rich blue tones give the room a formal and classy feel. The traditional carved furniture is classic Louis XIV to Louis XVIII style, and there is plenty of impressive marquetry within the mahoga- ny timbers, with fruit inlays and gold gilding details. The impossibly soft cream and blue silk carpet takes its inspiration from both the leaf design of the staircase and classical Parisian archives, tying the room together in both style and colour.