The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 551

BMW officially unveiled ts updated 7 Series luxury se- dan, which features a revamped design and supplementary in- erior augmentations. The 2020 Series lineup includes eight ariations: xDrive M760Li, 50i xDrive (BMW 750Li Drive), 745e (BMW 745Le), Drive 745Le, 750d xDrive BMW xDrive 750Ld), 740d Drive (BMW xDrive 740Ld), 30d (BMW 730Ld) and 730d Drive (BMW xDrive 730Ld). The company says that the redesign gives its latest series a “confident presence”; however, there have been mediocre reviews regarding the exterior design. The focal point of the new design is the trademark 7 Series kidney grille, which has been placed on a two-inch taller front end, drastical- ly enlarging the grille by about 40 percent since the last generation. This enlargement has invoked dis- satisfaction in some people’s view, especially since the inflated grille on the previous model was not very welcomed either. Nevertheless, the grille indeed delivers a renewed sense of presence, as the company stated—even if the grille appears somewhat outlandish due to their size. Aside from the large new grille, other visual alterations consist of new wheel designs ranging from 18 to 20 inches, several new color choices, some of which are part of BMW’s Individual customization program, and updated headlights and tail- lights. Framing the outer edges of the X7-like grille are the thin headlights with LED inserts, with the optional feature of laser headlights available.