The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 509

ents will be able to meditate among lemon trees in the serene curated gardens Architect Sasaki Associates. This secluded residential complex also has an oceanfront make the most of their reading time while listening to the calming hum of the ocean. ed in the upscale London district of Belgravia, will be built around seven t one example of the palatial spas suffused with soothing, ambient lighting. The inspired by Turkish-style baths known as hammams and hydrotherapy vitality pools. with luxurious well-being extras. David Bistricer, founder of real estate developer Clipper as they have been, gym-related things—things that are good for the body.” He king time off from all the different things that are capturing our attention and such as designer logos on handbags, opting instead to invest in the immaterial. inant necessities for buyers who want to live in a sumptuous condominium.