The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 484

Their Midtown Manhattan office works relentlessly to respond to requests in any part of the world, no matter what the time zone is, providing 24/7 service. In fact, Fischer still travels around the world to ensure every hotel he does business with is correct for his clients, ensuring that all requests have been met before the client reaches their destination. With a reputation to uphold, there is one thing that money cannot buy, and that is relationships with the people. The father-daughter duo emphasize the prominence of establishing and maintaining positive relationships with their clients, the vendors, and their agents who work day-in and day-out for client satisfaction. In an interview with Luxury Travel Advisor, Stacy Fischer-Rosenthal, who is now the President of Fischer Travel, said, “We respect and honor professionalism with our partners [the vendors] and they in turn deliver exceptional service to our clients.” What makes the price tag of being a client worth the expense is the fact that Fischer Travel cares about their customers. From shipping a specific scented candle to a hotel or making sure the water of a pool is to a specific temperature, Fischer Travel always accommodates to their clients’ every request—after all, it is all about providing the best service. Also, there is always an agent to take care of anything for a client. Fischer said in an interview with The Epoch Times, “the staff work[s] together like a big family, in constant communication they must have a positive outlook on the services they provide and the name they represent. When it comes to representing Fischer Travel and safeguarding its reputation, clients a relationships are of incredible value and significance. Therefore, no matter how much money a c due to a lack respect or getting out of line toward or in front of a vendor. Fischer Travel guards its reputation because upholding its high standards correlates to ha that Fischer and his daughter deem crucial for Fischer Travel. Self-proclaimed people pleasers, F to their qualified clients. Thriving on their strong relationships with those whom they work with Sources:,,