The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 483

There is the saying that money cannot buy everything— perhaps it can. Masters of luxury travel and making the impossible possible, father-daughter duo Bill Fischer and Stacy Fischer-Rosenthal of Fischer Travel set exceptionally high standards for their services to mega rich, ultra-high- net-worth individuals. Fischer Travel has evolved into a company focused on providing their clients with anything they want and need, and for good reason, it costs $100,000 to become a client and $25,00 per year thereafter. Bill Fischer is known as the icon of the luxury travel industry. After Fischer made his phone number unavailable to the general public, his clientele is gained through word-of-mouth. To illustrate the magnitude of his reputation as a luxury travel agent, there are millionaires, and even billionaires, who have discovered Fischer through referrals and want to work with him and his agency…and who await on a waiting list. Clients are willing to pay for the services provided by Fischer Travel as the company fulfills requirements and expectations that are unimaginable for the average person. The company expertly listens to and understands their clients, and brilliantly anticipate and exceed their needs. A feat accomplished in part due to their ability to cultivate trustworthy relationships with their clients and to persevere, satisfying every individual’s requests no matter how specific or unique. While setting up accommodations in Palm Beach, Florida, a client wanted a three-bedroom suite in a hotel; however, that hotel did not have three-bedroom suites. Exemplifying the fact that Fischer Travel can execute the impossible, Fischer persuaded the general manager to speak to their engineer about creating a three-bedroom suite for his client. As a result of his persistence and persuasion, the hotel agreed to Fischer’s request; the hotel torn down the wall of a two-bedroom in order to create the three-bedroom suite. This was not a one-time occurrence; there have been several other instances where Fischer successfully convinced a hotel to undergo construction in order to fully suffice his client’s needs and wants. According to Bill Fischer in an interview with Digital Luxury Group, “We don’t give up… We deliver a lot of business to these hotels and we pay for what we want, so when you want something we can get it.”