The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 423

Long known for his beaming smile and larger- than-life-presence in the kitchen--and dining room--Chef Kevin Rathbun is a veritable force to be reckoned with in the Atlanta food scene and beyond. Kevin credits growing up in a home “where hospitality and good food were the unrivaled cornerstones of the Rathbun family”, with shaping his passion, drive, and vision for his successful culinary career. From his humble beginnings as a dishwasher, through the years spent working his way up the Atlanta food-chain, to making a splash with beloved standouts like Nava, Bluepointe, Kyma and the Buckhead Diner. Chef Kevin has consistently blazed his own trail and helped solidify Atlanta’s prominence as a food mecca in the process. Adding another chapter to an innovative and distinguished 40+ years of paying his dues in the kitchen, celebrated Chef Kevin Rathbun once again took the vibrant Atlanta restaurant scene by storm, opening his namesake Rathbun’s in 2004. Followed by Krog Bar in 2005, Kevin Rathbun Steak in 2007, and KR Steakbar in 2012 all to critical acclaim. The success of these, now, Atlanta staples has transcended local popularity and earned Chef Rathbun a place in the national food consciousness. Chef Rathbun’s unique takes on Modern American, Spanish Tapas, Prime Steakhouse, and Italian inspired cuisines continue to resonate with diners and food critics alike. His evident passion for excellence in all things hospitality, and for giving back to the community, through his tireless charitable work, make him and his restaurants perennial favorites in Atlanta.