The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 420

Savor Alexis Says... I grew up as a diehard steak and potatoes eater, and at that time I had no desire to modify my infa tion with my food preferences. While my palate has since discovered cuisine diversification over ti my love of a well-prepared steak is one that will never expire. With that, for this issue of The Cont of Luxury©, I chose to feature a chef known for their culinary prowess and expertise in steaks. choice was easy. I elected to contact the award winning Chef Kevin Rathbun from Atlanta, GA, extend an invitation to be featured, as he is known for his culinary mastery and his popular names establishments. Some years back, I was a committee member for Rolls Royce’s Ghost unvei event, and Chef Rathbun was the chef of choice for that exclusive, high status event. Today, I delighted that Chef Rathbun accepted my feature invitation. I invite you read on and enjoy... ~A