The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 404

? You began your formal trainingw in photography working as a photography assistant to Peter Lindbergh. How did your previous assistant experience shape your current skillset, and is there a particular skill from that position that you attribute to your success today? A s for my Inspiration, I pick up from Defining Moments... could be an Artist, A Model, A Celebrity or A Beautiful Frame. Anything that raptures the eye. This was when I decided to assist and take a Formal Training, under The Renowned Fashion Photographer, Mr. Peter Lindbergh. I hereby learnt, and got an opportunity to understand the certain tech- nicalities of my job. I got to know while in my training as an assistant, the very essence of photography, and how important is the soft side ap- proach towards it. Be it in organizing my crew, getting the right model, having the best hair and makeup, etc. I was lucky to have so much sup- port from my fellow colleagues, and everything just fit and transcended into a fabulous job. The beautiful part of my job is that all of us in the business are communicative, close and friendly. There is always an im- mense appreciation for good work. And, I was glad to have worked with the best.