The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 395

lexis In addition to your solo and orchestra musical achievements, you are an Artist-in-Residence and Professor of Violin at Florida International University, as well as serving as a guest professor at venerable music schools around the world, which include Tokyo’s Musashino Academia Musicae, the University of Washington, the University of British Columbia, and the Australian National University. What is the best part of being a professor of music, and what are your views on the sentimental power of music, especially for the younger generations? obert Being a Professor of Violin and Artist in Residence and imparting to my students not only the great works of music, but also the beauty of the related fields of philosophy, literature, and fine arts, as well as age-old truths in all these fields, is very fulfilling to me because it makes the students realize what it means to be a cultured human being. This, added to their improving abilities on their chosen instrument, makes it possible for them to express the passions, and the various other emotions, of the great composers through the prism of the students’ own imagination. To have former students be members of such great orchestras as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, etc. is a source of joy and pride. The imparting of the beauty of ages, and stimulating the memory, imagination and accomplishment is a never-ending reward of its own.