The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 38

B eing an influencer is nothing new to me. It has been a strong suit of mine ever since I can remember. However, sitting in a po- sition of a blogger, by default of having a blogAzine™, that is a new experience for certain. More of a behind the scene person, strat- egizing, planning and executing, is where I’ve been wheeling and dealing. But, not to buck the system entirely regarding the process- es of blogging, I am learning how to be out in front of the curtain these days, and I’m working on becoming accustomed to the necessary photo taking aspect of it as well. The illustration of me shown here was drawn by one of my talented interns Elisa Lee. While becoming more acclimated with the being seen and on the scene moves as a blogger, I have to say that my true passion for having a blogAzine™ continues to be the connection making with the most amazing luxury brands around the world, and commu- nicating often times with the Leads of the brands, as well as the marvelous people that work for and represent the brands. Building relationships has always been the reason that I wanted to blog in the fashion that I chose to do so with The Contour of Luxury©. It is exciting, fun and fulfilling. The list of the brands that I have featured continues to grow exponentially, and I am truly honored. I would like to offer a sincere, and public Thank You to all of the brands who have been a part of my vision to date. I’ve proudly put them on display on the next few pages, as they deserve the spotlight. Warmest Regards, Alexis DAY