The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 363

H er political views have also been well documented, especially her support toward Hillary Clinton when Clinton was a presidential candidate. According to CNN Style, Anna said, “I think it’s very, very important to have a point of view, and we profile women in the magazine that we believe in.” She continued by stating that after Secretary Clinton was defeated in the 2016 presidential election, “…we believe that women should have a leadership position and we intend to support them.” Though she is open to the public about her values and opinions, Anna is incessantly scrutinized by the public, and her image and private life have endlessly aroused intrigue throughout her awe-inspiring career. A significant part of her reputation, and a prominent feature to her image, is her emblematic sunglasses. She explains that she wears sunglasses to defend herself against the public’s efforts to deconstruct her. For Anna, her sunglasses are “incredibly useful because you avoid people knowing what you’re thinking about,” augmenting the mythification of her character. Her physical appearance is also often critiqued, with comments proclaiming that she is too thin. According to CNN Style, Anna said, “Sometimes there has been a certain level of personal criticism directed at me that, possibly, might not have been (used against) a man in a similar position.” Despite this, she expresses that being a woman has never given her the impression of feeling disadvantaged. Anna Wintour is a strong, decisive woman to be reckoned with in the luxury and high-end sector of the fashion industry. Standing up for what she believes in, she possesses the power to influence her audiences with her views on sustainability and diversity as she goes forth toward the future at the helm of Vogue. Source: