The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 359

ou believe in you have to TAKE a point of view” -Anna Wintour the fur debate, and issues around diversity and inclusion. Because of the influence the media has on audiences and the outspokenness of those audiences, today’s readers and consumers expect brands to make their values known regarding these prominent issues and to openly hold themselves accountable for their actions. Regarding the concerns about the climate, Anna states, as reported by CNN Style, “Everybody is concerned about the climate crisis and what should be done to help.” Though unified action to undertake climate change and pursue sustainable fashion has been slow in the fashion industry, the gears are turning amongst fashion brands as they pedal toward abetting the environment. Much of the most powerful individuals in the luxury and high street fashion markets are working feverishly to conduct maintainable practices, making up for the damage that has been done to the environment. Anna acknowledges that the fashion industry has contributed to these damages, but there is a sense of urgency to reverse the negative effects harming the earth. The fur debate, however, has received mixed opinions amongst those in the luxury and high-end market. While many luxury brands th America, Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows have proclaimed that they will deter from the use of real animal fur in their collections, Anna is not completely against using real fur so long as the practice of its use is ethical. According to CNN Style, Anna supports the notion of sustainability and advocates for proper treatment of animals because fake fur “is more of a polluter than real fur.”