The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 358

“You have to STAND UP for what y and Vaunting a ubiquitous status and an unprecedented, superlative three- decade-long career at the forefront of Vogue, Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour is unsurpassed in the luxury fashion industry. She is inimitable in her role as a strategic adviser for the CEOs of luxury companies, using her platform for unparalleled accomplishments, such as philanthropic endeavours— AIDS research in particular—and transforming the Met Gala into a highly anticipated, electrifying, Oscar-level red carpet night for major fundraising. Vogue proclaims that Anna will remain with the brand indefinitely; in which case she may be embarking on immense trials that she has not yet encountered in her career. Along with sundry eminent media businesses, Vogue and its parent company Condé Nast are faced with the challenge of the digital age, and the changes necessary to accommodate the realm of digitalization and social media. Anna, however, is optimistic about the altering media landscape, and all that it offers to her brand. “I think we’re so fortunate today to have so many different channels in which to speak to our audiences,” she said, as reported by CNN Style. Due to both the scale and influence social media has around the world, Vogue and Condé Photo Credit: Mike Coppola, Getty Images Nort Nast can reach out to upwards of 22 million people, as opposed to an audience of approximately 90,000, which was the case for Anna’s first job with a monthly magazine before the digital era. All sectors of the fashion industry are currently facing profound plights, including its contribution to the climate crisis,