The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 302

Groom and Glam - Her debo lippm Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippm A-list clientele, amongst which she winners on their special day, to the InStyle, W, Vanity Fair and Elle and Victoria Beckham, Narciso Rodrigue name a few, her resume is un There is never a season when a woman o with color coats of gorgeous enamel, spring and summer months that height rich, beautiful, soft and light color sh deborah lippman’s ‘Leave A Light On palette selection for this summer seaso providing me with images of the light an this feature. While the deborah lippma Evoke the beauty of nature with these soft shades: Love Lies, a full coverage rosy pink crème to select from, I am excited to share this issue of The Contour of Luxury©. I am s ~Al