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How do you ensure that your client is comfortable throughout the spray tanning process? I use a body language which creates a boundary between myself and the client while applying the tan. This works for both the ladies and the guys. Additionally, if it’s the clients first time, I explain the process first then walk them through it as I go so they always know what’s coming next. Do you have self-tanner products that can be used without the VIP mobile service? Yes I do, my patent-pending IP BUFF ‘N’ GLOW, 3 in 1 full body exfoliating and application mitt is available to pre-order online now! One side boasts two exfoliating textures for coarse and medium grade exfoliation. The other side boasts a velvety smooth applicator. The inner lining is waterproof keeping your hands dry and clean. It’s double-sided for ease and convenience. It works amazingly with my line of one hour express self-tan mousses which are available in two shades; Violet Sky & Olive Branch at Are there any self-tanner tips that you can share to help prevent any do-it-yourself faux pas? Any special prep regime or aids that you recommend? The biggest mistake I see is in the pre-tan prep. Many people use oily or greasy exfoliating products leaving a film on the skin. This can have a disastrous effect on your tan application, So after your shower or if you don’t have time to shower...DRY EXFOLIATE any soap residue, lotion, oils, etc., from your skin before application. Dry exfoliation is key! Your clientel and notable Beckham, E Kardashian, and Ken Victoria’s Secret Ang Ashley Graham, Iggy point in your profess profile client, and ho The very first influence on Eva Longori the very beginning a reading this