The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 297

You have parlayed your spray tanning vision into an immensely sought after business, so much so that you have been named by The New York Post the “Pioneer of Tanning”, and you are lauded by the who’s who of Hollywood’s most celebrated, as well as the prominents in society. Tell us what is your greatest differentiator in the spray tan industry that makes your business so successful? Well, obviously, being the first person to kick-off an industry is probably the biggest differentiator. I believe it was Time Magazine and the Associated Press who declared me the pioneer. However only the sun can be the real pioneer of tanning!! I’m flattered, but... I am the pioneer of mobile tanning - a personal care spray tan service that comes to you. I believe that many people can become great at anything. However, are they original? Are they influential? Are they constantly pushing to offer something unique and different to an ever-changing industry? And lastly, are they someone you trust inviting into your home or set and de-robing for? In the end, it’s not always how great you are, but the combination of who you are as a person too. Please share with us a few of your favorite spray tanning services and is there a most popular service among your high-profile clients or perhaps one that you are most known for? I love this question! I have learned so much from inside my tanning tent. SO MUCH! I have learned how to read people’s skin tones & body struggles and transform/contour them into the form they feel proud of. My greatest work and biggest mistakes have happened inside the tent. My biggest body contour which I invented is the butt-lift contour - made famous by Kim K and I on her app. I demonstrated it for all of Kim’s subscribers and many spray tan pros around the world have adopted that contour. I believe the happy dance that comes from the spray tan is fueled by the very much appreciated butt lift people never knew they needed!