The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 295

S ummer is my FAV time of the year and it is also the time of year when everyone wants that glow from a gorgeous tan. There is just something about a tan that somehow lifts your confidence, makes you feel especially beautiful…and for you guys out there, you know you feel more handsome as well with a tan. A great tan also warrants that you put a little bit of an extra swag to your sway when you walk. I am a bit of a sun worshiper…wellll, you know, I’m a California Girl…but I am acutely aware of the health risks of too much direct sun rays. Thankfully there is a solution from someone who is not only a tanning professional, but he has made his mark quite literally by creating some of Hollywood’s most iconic and talked about Hollywood tan glows, from the Met Gala red carpet to the runway of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows. He is none other than the tan authority Jimmy Coco. Jimmy is the pioneer and mastermind behind mobile tanning, and is the absolute go to “spray-tanner” to the high profilers of the world and the A-Listers in entertainment. On the next few pages you can enjoy my interview with Jimmy Coco and learn how you can get your “just stepped off a Mediterranean beach tan” like the star that you are too. Read on to get the insider’s info. from the virtuoso himself…and you can thank me later. (Wink, and Smiling)