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society, no matter your gender, the majority of people are living a more y lifestyle, and are quite frankly living surprising that with living longer one ok just as amazing on the outside as nside. Having a “go-to” plastic surgeon r monthly is about as expected as a ist…at least in Beverly Hills. But the o just any plastic surgeon you want to Best. delight that I share my Q & A with plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami e we go right to the interview with Dr. me to share a bit of his esteemed Ghavami is a Board Certified Plastic the Los Angeles area. He also holds a th the American Society for Plastic as been inducted into the Rhinoplasty olds less than 70 members worldwide. ut globally by his colleagues with are his knowledge and techniques through sources such as invited lectures, textbook contributions, and scientific articles. His expertise as a surgeon, and his excellent surgical results have leveraged him in the ultra-competitive Los Angles area among celebrities as a “go-to” plastic surgeon for everything ranging from non surgical procedures such as cheek fillers, and Botox to advanced surgical procedures such as, rhinoplasty, Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation, and the immensely sought after S-Curve Butt Lift. Dr. Ghavami’s mantra is “Keep Them Guessing”, which I think is absolutely marvelous! This mantra is apropos as Dr. Ghavami expertly provides natural results that can be kept secret from the nosiest family members and friends. Don’t you just Love that?! He views plastic surgery as both an art and a science. No doubt this is a winning combination. For those who may not already be in the know about Dr. Ghavami, it’s your Lucky Day. Read about the “good doctor” here in my Q & A. He makes the Stars look good! ~Alexis Day