The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 271

We are now known in so many Asian countries and every single feedback from the consumers has been awesome. Eventually we will open in luxury department stores in Singapore, Thailand and Ma- laysia this year.America has shown a big interest and we have been in some boutique stores in Santa Mon- ica, and we will be in the bigger department stores in 2019. We have launched successfully in Auckland duty free and other duty frees. Singapore airline international in-flight magazine/online “SilverKris” approached us for an editorial full page for New Zealand Secret and we are in the April edition of the magazine. Ultimately New Zealand Secret will be the home of other luxury products that will be only possible to be made in New Zealand, such as spirits, premium wine, premium mineral water, honey etc. New Zea- land Secret is here to reveal the secrets and benefits that are only to be found in New Zealand.