The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 266

About The Secret It’s no secret New Zealand has an abundance of botanical, marine and mineral wealth and the environment and clean green living, attracts tourists and migrants tenfold. Any- thing harvested, grown or developed in New Zealand al- ways interests investors and consumers looking for the best and the purest there is. So it should be no surprise that a high-end skincare range created and manufactured in New Zealand, using only the most luxurious and premium of ingredients, has stolen the spotlight not only on the local stage but the International stage as well. Taking on La Mer, La Prairie, Tata Harper and JK7 and more is Mona Masouminia, CEO and Co-Founder of New Zealand Secret Skincare. On the upcoming pages you can enjoy a round of Q&A with Co-founder Mona Masouminia and learn what inspired the New Zealand Secret brand, what is in store for the brand and more…Enjoy!