The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 258

M itsuhiro Matsuda is recognized as being the first fashion designer to meld architecture and fashion. Born in Tokyo, Matsuda was ex- posed to design from a young age. After attending the renowned design school, Bunka, in Tokyo, Matsuda moved to Paris with his best friend, Kenzo Takada, to find inspiration. In 1967 Matsuda returned to Tokyo and created Nicole Co., releasing designs that were intricately detailed, yet surprisingly restrained. He became a part of the “Tokyo Design 6”, a group of up and coming designers that founded Tokyo Fashion Week. By 1996 he had over 500 stores in the fashion capitals of the world. He was considered one of the leading Japanese menswear designers, showcasing his collec- tions alongside the most highly regarded brands in the world.