The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 22

Opulent Trains of the Modern Age: The Epitome of Luxury Travel is Rebo Think slow commutes are wasting precious vacation time? Think again. These days most travelers are seeking the fastest mode of transportation to cut commute times, so they can arrive at their destinations as soon as possible. This need for speed is what makes private jets and upgraded commercial planes so appealing to travelers who also want to travel in luxuriousness. However, transforming into much grander statements than its predecessors, luxury train rides today have more to offer than just seats with scenic views. Before you book your next flight, here is a list of three luxury trains to consider in order to enhance your traveling experience: Venice Simplon Orient Express Venice Simplon Orient Express exemplifies and exudes a rich history, having served as inspiration to authors and movie directors due to the train’s lavish aesthetic and first-rate service. The first publication arrived in 1932 by Graham Greene, who wrote the best-selling book that was named after the Orient Express. In 1935, the most well-known depiction of the Orient Express rose into existence when author Agatha Christie wrote “Murder on the Orient Express,” spotlighting the train in such a way to bolster its famous name.