The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 211

them and then redoing them until I came up with something that could be easily translated to the pattern maker. I learn about attention to detail by looking at Stefano’s shoes and studying them. Then Tony Gaziano, of Gaziano & Girling, showed me how a pattern was made. I took the two things and put them together to perfect my shoes designs through repetitive drawings and making samples. My first collection took 1.5 years to launch as I kept remaking the samples to perfect them. Your career has been adventurous and daring thus far, leading to an outstanding blog and a high quality stand out shoe brand. What can we anticipate coming next from you and the J. Fitzpatrick Footwear? My love for shoes started with sneakers so I am somewhat going back to that and making my version of a ‘grown up’ sneaker, something more elegant but still allows for versatility. But in reality, we have a London Showroom as well as an NYC one and now the goal is simply to grow the business and focus on serving my main markets (US and UK) as best as we can. Future projects in the head are revamp- ing my driving loafer range and coming out with a more affordable welted shoe line. My real goal is to conquer the shoe industry, so one step at a time towards that by tackling all of the different shoe styles of the industry! Thank you for your time Justin. - Alexis Day The pleasure was all mine, thank you Alexis! – Justin FitzPatrick