The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 203

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason and I never really regret what I do as I believe it was all meant to be. It was the experience I needed not only in business but also in life to go out there, out of my comfort zone and make it happen no matter what. I taught myself to never look back and to do what is necessary to move forward. And not only that, but also With a deep aspiration for making the fact that this experience made me who the best designed men’s shoes, I am as a shoe designer having gained an you made a pivotal life and eye for detail by spending time with some business move by moving of the greatest shoemakers in modern day. from the U.S. to Europe to Without that international leap, I would learn more about the craft of shoe- not be where I am today and am unsure if making. Now years later and looking I would have ever even had the ability to back, how do you feel about having get off the ground, to be honest, had I made that international leap? stayed Stateside. ustin, as learned in your video, I find the statement of how in the time of your adolescence the shoes that you wore were significant to your status placement among your peers for being cool or not cool, and how that had some bearing on leading you as an adult into becoming The Shoe Snob… ALEXIS