The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 196

I tems you should buy in your 4 1 A Bespoke Suit Purchasing such a suit will cost you a pretty penny, but this age is about celebrating your success in the workplace, making it a rite of passage to buy yourself something representative of your hard work paying off. When taken care of properly, a bespoke suit should last around 20 years—brush often, dry clean seldom. 2 3 4 Formal Trousers This does not mean you have to phase out jeans completely, but you should invest in wide array of trim chinos. Opt for colors that pair well with a dark or neutral-colored blazer or sweater. Some brands to consider are Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and J Crew. Luggage Do yourself a favor and purge yourself from the worn-out, scratched pair that you have retained since college. Procure a slick set that looks just as good together as it does apart. Luxury brands worth the investment include Globe-Trotter, Mulberry, Ghurka, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. 5 Aesthetically-P Workout Gear Rugby socks and rippe are no longer acceptab 40s. When sporting sw with style in solid-prin match altogether. Also spend a large chunk o worth it to invest in hi so you have impeccab you are pumping iron cardio machine. Nike, Moncler are a handful consider. Eye Cream You already started to izer in your 30s—let’s been wise to start in y time to integrate an ey grooming routine. Wh remember that the eye not rub, until the salv