The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 195

il, details: ures and you find yourself a uniform—both casually y—your accessories will lity when the rest of your -key. Think a pop of color, me texture when choosing hance your overall uality leather gloves, a hats, jewelry, and matching up your style, preventing victim to the tasteless- me. f sportswear: ating menswear right ting in this look too off a PE teacher vibe all caps and hoodies uvenile. Pair quality, s with cool designer wn colors from the likes ord, Saint Laurent. On rainers can double as wear when worn with a nd dark wash jeans. 5 Elevate your wrist candy: If you haven’t done so already, your 40th birthday is a great time to treat yourself by taking your watch game to the next level. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to ice out both your wrists—unless that is the look for which you are aiming. Enhance the mechanical aspect of your style with a high-quality timepiece, an heirloom you can pass down to your children someday. Solidify the perfect hairstyle: The days of experimenting are over. That means no more mohawks, unnatural colors, and unusual shavings. Settle on a haircut that is most flattering for your hair type and face shape. If you have not already, find a barber who accomplishes your look to a T every time. Also, if your hair is turning grey and you are considering dying it, proceed at your own risk. The idea of being a sleek silver fox may be alluring now, but you will then be caught in the never-ending routine of expensive maintenance to sustain the ideal color. At some point down the road of perpetual hair dye, the only person you would be fooling into believing your hair is naturally a honied grey is yourself.