The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 134

Alexis... Schaffer was bestowed the honor of the International Caterers Association 2019 Caterer of the Year award. What values and attributes of your business would you say contributed to receiving this esteemed award and that you are most proud of? ... It is really an honor to be recognized by your peers, and some amazing caterers across North America have won this award in the past. To win, clearly, you have to execute events flawlessly; and you must have innovative and delicious food that is presented in surprising new ways. But we believe that what set us apart this year was our tireless work to constantly improve, document and refine all of our systems that support not just the day to day operations but the creative process as well. Our clients and our industry move so quickly that we simply cannot waste any time doing things twice, or letting things slip through the cracks. When we can ensure that all of the right inputs are happening, we are best able to be creative and impress our clients. Alexis... Your company is the preferred catering partner for a multitude of reputable venues such as Smog Shoppe, Fox Studios, Santa Monica Place, Rolling Greens, The Microsoft Lounge, USC School of Cinematic Arts, and Studio 11. Are there any upcoming events that you two are particularly excited about that you can share with us? ... We sign many NDA’s for celebrity events and brand launches so we aren’t at liberty to discuss many events before they happen. I am, however, excited about an upcoming fundraising event for The Downtown Women’s Center June 20th, 2019 at Rolling Greens in downtown Los Angeles. I volunteer as the Event Chair for this fundraiser. We are going to have many female winemakers, brewers and distillers pouring their creations and Schaffer will be donating the catering. We have DJ Valida (KCRW) and several other surprise musical performances, plus Goat Yoga, pop up shops, an excellent silent auction and many other activations. We would love to invite people to come and enjoy themselves while support- ing and incredible organization that is working to end homelessness for Women.