The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 133

Alexis... Charlie, you are classically trained in culinary arts and have worked with Alain Ducasse, Pe- dro Subijana, and the Patina Group, to name a few. How has your training prepared you for the success that you have achieved with Schaffer? CHARLIE ... Each experience I have had profession- ally has proven valuable in its own way, but the commonality is absolutely the attention to detail that has been in- stilled in me. Whether it is the cook- ing time and temperature of a butter poached lobster, the coordination of sev- eral cooks building the plates of a multi course tasting menu, the organization of the refrigerator or the accuracy of a financial statement, the details matter. Working in an environment that creates the highest standards is the only way to learn how to get the best out of yourself.