The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 132

Alexis... Kathleen, your executive chef prowess has been re- quested around the world, what culinary expertise do you provide Schaf- fer that is uniquely your own, and differentiates your brand’s offerings? KATHLEEN ... I have had a very broad range of profes- sional experiences that have given me a foundation in many cuisines and styles of service. The learning curve for the culinary arts is endless, and I am still learning every day. It keeps me en- gaged and interested and I share that enthusiasm with our clients. There isn’t any challenge we aren’t up for and our ability to be agile and adap- tive is what differentiates us. We are a business founded by 2 chefs, so food and service are paramount to us. We can execute absolutely anything, and we really love to push the boundaries.