The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 131

Alexis... You have provided event hospitality services for an extensive list of big-name com- panies, such as Amazon, Disney, Lamborghini, Tesla, Vanity Fair, and Wired, just to name only a few. What is one of the most memorable events at which you catered to date, and why? ... Lamborghini engaged with us several years ago to build their hospitality pro- gram for their marketing and racing events in North America. We designed a 38’ professional kitchen trailer complete with ovens, stoves, grills, refrigeration and a dishwasher that is hauled from city to city. Every inch of space has been utilized and it rivals many fine dining restaurant kitchens. Lamborghini owns a 53’ tractor trailer that unhinges into a 5000 sq ft tent with wood floors, plas- ma screens, a bar, an outdoor lounge, retail shop etc. We have an Italian ge- lato freezer, a hand cranked Berkel slicer for prosciutto (of course) and an Italian espresso machine that all have custom road cases we designed for them. We have created a mobile environment for Lamborghini and their guests to enjoy a unique experience that elevates their brand.