The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 129

... Alexis... Schaffer offers pretty terrific services. Tell us about your assortment of culinary and catering services, and is there a most requested service from your sought-af- ter services menu? ... We do everything and because no two events we do are the same, we have devel- oped quite a variety of “services” over the years. When we speak to clients about their events, we try to not start with our menu, instead we want to learn about the event, who will be in attendance, and what are the goals. The answers to those questions really inform the creative process and how we build a pro- posal, what services are involved and of course, how the food, beverage and service get layered in to round out the experience. ... Our While we are constantly challenged to resume includes dream up new things, most actual formal multi course fund- menus are a mix of things we have raising dinners; beauty and often done before that are real fashion events with Instagramable crowd pleasers and then a few food stations for 500 social media things developed especially for influencers; wine country weddings; that event. We try to stick to all the way to the tech company staff an 80/20 rule when it comes to summer party for 1000 employ- what we call playbook vs. custom. ees on the client’s Silicon Beach The most common request is ours campus with an entire- actually, and that is for you to make ly vegetarian BBQ. sure you are a guest at your own party.