The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 126

Alexis... As a married couple and culinary experts who have been successful in your respective careers, what inspired the two of you to embark collectively into the catering world? ... We dreamed of starting a restaurant group, but after some real soul searching we real- ized that we did not want to be tied to a business that worked within narrow. The events industry allows us to constantly explore, refine our style and not upset the “regulars”. Alexis... Schaffer is more than just catering; it is an event hospitality partner. Your proclamation even states, “We don’t simply cater to you, we work with you to uncover your vision and enhance each and every experience.” Share with us about one of the most exciting visions that you were asked to help create, and one of your most chal- lenging visions that you accomplished. What did they each entail? ... Our client’s want the hospitality at their events to speak to themselves or their brand and for their guests to “engage.” Along with the advent of Social media, “instagramable” food and beverage has become equally important to showcasing the lifestyle associated with many of the brands we work with. In almost every proposal we write, we are tasked with presenting options that meet that criteria. To that end, an exciting vision recently was for a celebrity birthday celebration. We were in a spectacular modern estate cantilevered over the Hollywood hills with a 180 degree view. The event was beautifully designed by Loriann Serna who asked us to create a menu that felt like one of Joel Robuchon’s restaurants each course more artfully presented than the last. We designed an exquisite five course menu complete with a dessert finale in which a white chocolate sphere melts away before guests’ eyes exposing a decadent red currant genoise, with raspberry gelee and crisp pistachio sable. The entire dinner was served ballet style and each course paired with amazing wine. We received a very sincere thank you and embrace from the client, which made my night.