The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 114

6 AD 6. You offer online courses and group coaching. Will you share with us the ben- efits of both options and who would be an ideal client for either or both? HF I offer online courses, bespoke private coaching, and high-level group programs because each has its own unique benefit. Private clients work with me one on one and there is a very high level of customization and interaction with me alone. Due to the extremely high-touch and be- spoke nature of it, it is the highest priced offer. An ideal client for private coaching is someone who desires a high level of accountability, pri- vate contact, and personalized feedback. The group programs are high level and offer the benefit of interacting with other like-minded entrepreneurs while getting to interact with me. I love the group format because one client can ask a question that some- one else would not have thought of and it opens up a new conversation that benefits everyone. There is also a high level of motivation, especially for people who are naturally competitive. Some entrepreneurs perform better when there is competition. For the online courses, it is really a person who may not necessarily want to invest in getting personalized attention but want access to the content and training or depending on the program is looking for an introduction to my work.