The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 113

5 AD 5. Luxury is your primary focus, and one of the skills that you are instrumental in helping your clients develop is the ability to create a world-class luxury brand that represents the unique qualities and authenticity of who they are. With- out giving away your trade secrets, will you share how you achieve this and why it is important for your clients to have this business skill set? Ultimately , without going into too much detail, my proprietary system is called the Powerhouse Brand Pres- enceā„¢. The three pillars I focus on are CLARITY, STRATEGY, and STYLE. Without clarity, it is very difficult to commit and focus in a powerful way. Without the strategy, the best ideas fail and without style, you cannot be distinct or stand out. Clarity is Queen, Strategy is King and style is what will tell people you reign su- preme.