The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 112

4 AD 4. How did you come about discovering the niche market of business women that needed assistance in creating a brand that was essentially freedom-based, and prosperous? HF Our world has changed so much and yet women, though desiring more freedom, self-expression, and control over their financial future are still hesitating and even sometimes afraid to shine in the spotlight. Men tend to say “I am brilliant” many women, afraid to blow their own horn and say “I am brilliant”. I saw so many tal- ented women holding back and not shining their light brightly. Many didn’t have the systems and tools or the confidence to claim their brilliance and go out and command a high price for their work. My core values are FREE- DOM, ultimate freedom, and LEG- ACY. I want to help women claim their freedom and leave a lasting legacy.