The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 111

This opened up my mind to possibilities. I started an in-print luxury lifestyle magazine that was distributed in-room in luxury hotels and yachts. This gave me access to the world of luxury and meeting many people. I would encounter so many creative and highly educated people who were really masters of their craft and somewhere deep inside I knew I had a role to play in helping them elevate their brand. I was never interested in products and services that were average. There was something alluring about things that were well made, well packaged and timeless. 3 AD 3. I like your proclamation that “It’s Time to Ampli- fy Your Brilliance with a World Class Brand.” What is your impetus for helping others the way that you do, and what is your greatest hope that others will achieve by coaching with you? HF When a product is well presented and there is a powerful story driving it, it is never far from achieving success. In a competitive market, the only way to truly stand out is to have a world-class brand. To be distinct. A world-class brand truly amplifies your bril- liance, creates desire and makes you the brand that people remem- ber and buy from. For me, luxury isn’t vanity. It is the ability to express one’s self at the highest level. Luxury represents mastery, excellence and keen attention to detail. Luxury is beauty. I love beauty and believe that the creators of beauty deserve to be profitable and richly rewarded for their work. That is what drives me, to help people live and cre- ate their dream and become richly rewarded for it. When someone works with me, my desire is that they will become more visible, the brand of choice, highly sort after and valued. That they will create a profitable brand, worthy of their legacy.