The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 108

1 AD 1. Hanna, you have created an incredible career as an esteemed international brand strategist and business coach. Can you take us back a bit and share what initially led you to embark upon this career path? I got a job as the new product development and product man- agement officer for a financial group of companies. This job gave me an opportunity to learn how markets work as it involved a lot of consumer and competitor re- search but I was bored. I was not able to express my creativity and love for fashion and luxury. It was a strong calling that despite having a masters degree in International Commercial Law and being urged by everyone to pursue a career in law, I knew that my calling was to help entrepreneurs create a world- HF As a young girl whenever I traveled, I collected magazines and print ads. I was particularly fascinated by the lux- ury brands and how they seem to be able to captivate, influence and cause you to dream with a few words and images. But I grew up in the Carib- bean and to have a respected career you were indoctrinated to become a doctor, engineer, lawyer or banker. I was on the path to becoming a law- yer and then discovered that I loved marketing and brands. Three and a half years in, I handed in my resignation and decided to start my own boutique consulting firm where I specialized in brand develop- ment and public relations for luxury brands. My clients included Conde Naste award-winning hotels, jewelry designers, private jet and chauffeur service, and a few European Union funded rebranding projects for SMEs and even branding a small town. I also moved to Milan, Italy, where also consulted for Italian brands.