The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 107

With a lifetime of personal experience in the luxury lifestyle circle of life, I am no novice to the luxury market and how it operates. Always curious and interested in what, where and who is happening in the luxury market, and as a lux- ury brand strategist, my interest was piqued and delighted to have learned of the brand strategist powerhouse Hanna Fitz. Hanna is a leading international brand strategist, business coach, author and founder of, Brand Atelier. Hanna coaches in demand experts and entrepreneurs. It was a snippet of her mission statement that ultimately drew my attention, as her mission is to ‘help extraordinary women package their brilliance’. I applaud an accom- plished woman who is confident within herself and leads other woman on a path to reach their desired level of success. I believe Hanna is an ideal coach for woman, as she has walked the walk and has discovered her own “It Factor.” Hanna now shares how to discover that “It Fac- tor” with others. Convinced and intrigued, I con- tacted Hanna to invite her to be featured in The Contour of Luxury© as my Person of Intrigue – Her. Find out more about Hanna on the next few pages, and enjoy… ~Alexis